Stompin with The Rev

IMG_0958 IMG_1857

Written by Cory Grinder

The Apple Stompers played a super cool show on Friday with one of the most fun bands in the Americana/Blues scene, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band! We did our best to deliver some honkytonkin and bluegrass tunes to the folks of Cleveland after Rockabilly band, The Torments, warmed everyone up. Then the Rev took the stage and wiped everyone out! Just the second time we’ve gotten to play with these guys, we snatched up the opportunity to join them after we joined them a few years back at The Grog Shop. The Rev’s great fans showed us some fantastic love as well and we would like to thank them for being so awesome! If you haven’t seen The Big Damn Band or heard their music, check em out at

(Top Left: Cory w/ The Big Damn Band; Top Right: Apple Stompin)
(Bottom Left: Ritchie, Cory, Johnny [Taken by Andrew Burkett]; Bottom Right: The Rev trying out a washboard guitar made by a fan)
11988279_10156284597010038_3160583085960225334_n IMG_0963

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