Cold Weather Blues No Match For Apple Stompin’ Good Times!

Apple Cider Fest 2015 apple cider fest machine

The boys were back in Kent this weekend to terrorize them poor apples. In doing so, they provided tunes to the town as an old fashioned cider press was cranked by folks big and small [like Johnny pictured above,] and fresh apple cider was enjoyed by all who came. The Standing Rock Cultural Arts Center’s event was as fun filled as ever with pumpkin painting, cider drinkin, and oldtime pickin! A little bit of snow started to drift down as the boys all clad in denim took the stage. They played a selection of their usual favorites along with a few songs that they haven’t played for a while like Johnny’s “Good Ol’ Day” and the Leadbelly classic “Goodnight Irene.” They even had Rodney of Rodney & the Regulars there to play lead guitar and sing a few tunes. It was a great time indeed! The boys would like to thank Standing Rock, the city of Kent, and all of you faithful stompees and stompettes!

Apple Cider Fest post show group photo“Denim Doofuses”
Pictured L to R: (Jason Willis, Johnny Miller, Cory Grinder, Rodney DeWalt)

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